Experience has thought me one thing (well many but I like this one)  – be kind, because until you have walked a mile in another mans shoes one should not judge him (or her).  In other words  give the benefit of a doubt. Say yes more than no.  I think more things are good than bad.



 ‘’Methinks, I am a prophet new inspir’d…’’

/W. Shakespeare/

I am a Writer, Geologist,  Actor, Lawyer, Chef, Banker, Insurance man and a Nudist campsite manager.   I have lived in England  Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, South Africa and the U.S. of A…..

Through my eclectic experiences I have learned that’ the realization of ignorance is the beginning of knowledge’.  When I write a story, the characters come alive and take on their own persona and often will not do what I want them to do. I find that very invigorating and exciting, because I know then, that the story has come alive – Yes – It’s working.

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  1. I say….DINGDONG
    I thank God to have met you Raymondo. What a pleasure to be around…I cannot say that I thought your behaviour yesterday was just for ‘set’, as I do believe that your personality just exudes charisma and you made my day most pleasurable sir. We actually saw the naughtiest side of the real you.
    As you mentioned that you are a screen writer I thought that i would send this to you in a message instead of talking to you about it on set.

    I have a true movie that I want to release as a short film that actually has happened and I do believe that it is going to be great, because God is prompting me to do it. I am actually still going through it and when I tell you the story you will be so shocked but its life…I can honestly say that it is only film that is keeping me sane right now. ONLY FILM and all that I am doing that is distracting me and preventing me from becoming so depressed and sad. If you know of any Film Makers that want to do true movies let me know as I do believe they would be interested in this one as it raises public awareness of something that is happening in the UK now and has been for years globally and no one is doing anything about it. Nothing really at all that is making a difference.
    Donna-Marie xxx
    PS My business website will let you glean a little more insight about me from others perspective.

  2. It was a pleasure to meet you again! You really are a amazing persona!! Thank you so much for excellent piece of work! As always Ray! You are the best! Do not know were our co. would be without you talent!!

    In the name of all team!

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